Replica - Lauren Oliver

I keep having such high hopes for Oliver's books. Before I Fall is one of my top five books of all time, but nothing else she's written has compared. Conceptually, I always get really excited, but Replica too fell flat of my expectations.


I'd definitely recommend reading this in alternating chapters. Otherwise, I don't really see the point of reading whoever's story you read second. I'm incredibly indecisive so I decided to read them in alternating chapters and I'm glad I did--there weren't spoilers, persay, but you know what's going to happen.


I really love the premise of having the same story from two different viewpoints...but I just don't  think it was necessary here. I love the idea Oliver was going for, that people view events in extremely different ways, but I found a lot of the repeated scenes felt a little redundant. (Maybe they wouldn't have if I'd read them one at a time?)


This nonetheless was a solid read and I enjoyed the mystery behind the clones, though I found it a little hard to buy.


Once again, a great premise from Lauren Oliver that didn't meet my hopes.