Note: I rate books here as if on a bell graph--only perfect books get 5s. I tend to give books higher ratings on Goodreads/Amazon by half-one whole star so as not to hurt really amazing books that aren't quite perfect but should still definitely be read by everyone.


From the age of six or seven, Ema probably read an average of 150 books per year (shrinking steadily as life demands more of her), but it wasn't until 2015 that she decided to begin logging and reviewing the books she read. Feeling too overwhelmed to ever contemplate adding her backlog, Ema began reviewing the books she read.


At university, she studies English and political science with minors in writing and computer science. She also reads various manuscripts thrown at her from her internships with literary agencies--she dreams of working in the publishing industry. She'd like to expand people's perspectives--through literature, she believes one can understand another's view and what it might be like to live in their shoes. The world would be a better place if we could all communicate and feel empathy towards one another. However, she rarely admits such a naive and idealistic concept.


Ema has recurring identity issues and hates being asked where she's from--she's lived in New Zealand, Canada, California, and Maryland, and has spent time working/studying in Yellowstone National Park, WY; Zion National Park, UT; and Dubai, UAE.


She ultimately considers Yellowstone home, as those two summers were the happiest days of her life. Ema is also happy when listening to music--she loves the Cure and Pink Floyd with all her heart, as well as New Order, the Killers, and Angels & Airwaves, and many other bands. Her perfect world would consist of books, cuddles, and Nutella.


In this blog, Ema battles the dilemma of reading--how there is so little time yet so many fantastic books--by shedding a little light on the books she reads. These are mainly young adult literature, or anything that has strong characters or makes her think. If it doesn't have a touch of romance in it, she probably won't be truly satisfied. She dislikes New Adult on first glance, thinking that it's merely YA with a bunch of sex scenes thrown in; as a proud asexual, Ema finds reading sex scenes to be uncomfortable.


Though she may not interact often on BookLikes, she's out there lurking, gathering other people's thoughts on a variety of genres. Ultimately though, this blog is to help her battle her intense memory issues by reminding her what she's read.