Someone I Wanted to Be - Aurelia Wills

When an insecure teen starts impersonating someone else, her life spirals dangerously out of control in a realistic, relatable novel about finding yourself—and discovering your true friends.

Leah Lobermier dreams of becoming a doctor, but it’s hard to stay focused on getting good grades when boys make oinking sounds at her in school and her mother spends every night on the couch with a bottle of wine. Leah’s skinny and popular "friends," Kristy and Corinne, aren’t much better and can hardly be counted on for support. When the girls convince a handsome older man to buy them beer, Leah takes his phone number and calls him, pretending to be Kristy—coy and confident—and they develop a relationship, talking and texting day after day. But as the lie she created grows beyond her control, can Leah put a stop to things before she—or Kristy—is seriously hurt?


This was creepy. I'm definitely in favour of all topics being written about and all views being represented, but I so needed Leah to come to her senses to really appreciate this book, and it


I didn't like Leah. I know I was supposed to feel sorry for her and I was supposed to get emotional over her growing up, but I also like my female heroines and I found Leah to be a bit too much of a pushover and that she didn't have enough of her own character--to the extent that she borrowed someone else's--to really draw my attention. She didn't really try. She could have taken initiative with her life, but she instead groaned and griped.


I also found it hard to comprehend why Leah and Kristy were friends. Their relationship was symbiotic and draining. I actually wanted to hear more about Kristy because there was backstory to her and why she was the way she was. The ending didn't really sit well with me, either.


But my biggest issue with this book was the premise--and kind of how unnecessary it was. Kurt could have been the same age as the girls, but it seemed like the author made him older as a boon, like Leah had more reason to want a much older man, and I found it really troublesome that the age factor was never really addressed and instead the biggest issue everyone had with him was that he didn't accept Leah's appearance.


I think there was potential here, but I simply didn't love this book.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.