The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains - Rodney Jones

John Bartley's days are filled with working in the mill or the garden, and he can't wait to see Zella at the next barn dance. But when he stumbles through a hidden portal in the forest, everything he's ever known falls behind him. A hundred and thirty-four years behind, to be more exact.
Tess can't quite believe John's tale of time travel. Does he really not know what a cell phone is? A car? Indoor plumbing? To convince the girl he's swiftly falling for that he's not crazy, John must delve into Tess's history--his future--and solve the mystery of his hometown's demise. But when they learn its fate, each faces a sudden, wrenching choice. Save their love, or save the past?


Though I read the sequel to this book before this one, I enjoyed this one almost as much. (Partially because I'd forgotten what happens in the second!)


Jones did a fantastic job of envisioning the world in 2009 through the eyes of someone from the 1800s and I loved looking at Tess's modern home through his eyes and trying to understand all of the strange things.


Tess going back to the 1800s was also funny, though it didn't reach the potential it had for chaos to ensue. I loved hearing about her trying to dress appropriately and very much appreciated her feminisism shining through.


I got a little confused by the plot, however, and with what happened at the end. While it was initially very easy to follow, the events halfway through began to feel very rushed and confused--and there were multiple undertones of plots going on also.


Nonetheless, this was a lot of fun to read, and although I thought its sequel was better, this was an easy read and well worth the time.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.