Nookietown: A Novel - V.C. Chickering

Recently divorced, 40-something single-mom, Lucy, is lonely, bored and craving physical connection. So, when her trusted long-time married friend, Nancy, begs Lucy to sleep with her husband to save her marriage, Lucy goes for it. It's such a success, the two friends invent a town-wide underground barter system whereby Nancy's married girlfriends sub-contract Lucy's divorcee friends to sleep with their husbands so they don't have to as often. It's a win, win, win- for a while. Then it all goes to hell in a hand-basket.
Laugh-out-loud funny, emotionally provocative and at times racy, V. C. Chickering's Nookietown is a story of risk-taking, marriage, honesty and desire, and what one woman rationalizes in order to get what she wants.


This was a hilarious chick flick that I enjoyed every page of reading.


I'd categorise this more as women's fiction than as a rom-com, but it could fit under both, and the hilarity and writing style made it hard to put down and a really fun read. There were some subtle messages that provoked thought also, and I was thinking about the scenarios in the book even when I wasn't reading it.


Lucy was my absolute favourite. A third-grade teacher, she was fantastic with people in general, very straight forward, and was a lot of fun to read about. She also had a great set of friends and I loved how her life felt so real. There were some absolutely hilarious scenes that I could really envision, such as her going through disdained online dating profiles drunk.


There were a few too many sex scenes for my liking, but I was able to skim over them with no problems.


Nonetheless, I really loved the sex positivity of this book, and how it had a subtle message that was very pro-independence and encourages women to enjoy themselves and make responsible choices. So many books have subtle sexism, but this did very well at portraying a realistic society and how a woman operates in this society. The underplay of roles in society was intriguing.


The unique plot of this book and the fun characters made this well worth reading and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys chick flicks or women's fiction.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.