First Blush: FROSH #1 - Mónica B. Wagner

During welcome week at Hillson University, the FROSH will hit the fan.
Type-A aspiring journalist Ellie plans to take freshman year by storm. But hell-bent on breaking a huge on-campus scandal, she risks becoming one herself—and getting the mysterious, heart-melting QB in serious trouble.
Grant, star quarterback and charismatic chick-magnet, is hiding a life-altering secret. The last thing he needs is an overeager (absolutely adorable) journalist asking questions. He’s got a reputation to protect.
High-society legacy student Devon is ready to catch the football hottie of her dreams. If the tabloids feature her with the “it” boy on her arm, her tainted past will be buried—or so she thinks.
Charlie, pre-med, is done being the sweet and funny geek that girls like Devon ignore. But if he tries to impress her with a new edgy, spontaneous attitude, will his heart end up in the emergency room?
FROSH intertwines the stories of Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie in Mónica B. Wagner’s sexy NA debut series, about falling in love and falling apart.


This was a very gripping book with all the fun of a high school drama set in college.


I enjoyed how, though the story was of four very different people, they all connected in some way. Their stories were all linked and as such they made one cohesive novel instead of four separate tales. Each event had a corresponding reaction, and it was a lot of fun to guess how these each occasion might manifest itself into another character's life.


Wagner successfully captured the feeling of being new at college, especially with Ellie. Her excitement and nervousness was palpable. Details such as her finding people to go to the dining hall with, as simple as they might seem, really resonated with me.


There were some scenes that were very college in an exaggerated way, such as Devon being invited to get ready for a party with other girls, but these were fun to read. The plot, too, was similar to a good gossippy high school novel, but it worked.


Devon and Ellie were both very distinct characters, and both a lot of fun. On the outside, Devon was extremely polished and put-together; however, it was fun seeing her inward thoughts and how she reacted to the boys and their actions. Ellie, too, looked geared for success, but in a different manner as she had a lot less confidence but just as much determination.


Though this was told with concentrations on four different characters, this was a fun and authentic new adult book.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.