Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella

There's something about Becky, I must say that. The Shopaholic series isn't nearly as good as Kinsella's stand alone books. Becky's spending habits literally make me cringe, and I've had to put down Shopaholic books several times due to the anxiety they cause me. Yet I keep reading!


This book, however, had a total cliffhanger, which was kind of disappointing. I'd loved how the previous ones could for the most part be read alone. I'd also thought that this would be the last book of the series forever.


Of all the books, this was unfortunately probably my least favourite. I found myself really not liking Becky. I've never been able to relate very much to her, but I could always envision myself being friends with her. However, she really changed in this one and acted rather selfishly at a lot of points. Despite the ending, this really just wasn't the greatest.


I still maintain that Kinsella's standalone books are much better than the Shopaholic series; however, these books have still been a lot of fun to read and it's been great to see Becky in all these different scenarios.