Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella

This was the third in the Shopaholic series.


At one point in this book, I had to stop reading because I grew so uncomfortable with the situation that Becky had got herself into. It was literally stressing me out. But I think this just shows how compelling of a character Becky is and how realistic her life had become to me.


This book of the series so far would be the best to be made into a movie. The vivid imagery and the beautiful scenes envisioned would be a delight to see on the screen, and Becky's designer friend could really shine.


I appreciated the details of the Plaza, which reminded me a little of the Princess Diaries.


In this book, Luke grew a lot as a character. I've appreciated how he'd been slowly built through the previous two books, and this took him to another level. He became very real, instead of just being a power playing workaholic, and we learned a lot about his past. The ultimate resolution was very satisfying, and again showed how Becky can be a very strong person when she's needed.


For the most part, this felt a little superficial, but this was still a fun read.