Shopaholic Takes Manhattan - Sophie Kinsella

This was the second in the Shopaholic series.


My favourite part about this book was definitely in watching how Becky accustomed to the United States and found the differences in culture. She definitely might have a skewed perception, but small details were very amusing, such as her reaction to the gym.


I felt like I saw her mature when events in the second half of the book stirred her world up and forced her to move a little into reality. I was glad that misfortune had struck her as her world was beginning to feel a little too perfect, so the drama was good.


Becky proved herself to be more real in this book and I appreciated how she grew as a character. The ultimate solution was highly entertaining, and I feel like the book had a very satisfying ending.


I enjoyed this one more than the first, and think it would stand well if read alone.