Lipstick Jungle - Candace Bushnell

Victory Ford is the darling of the fashion world. Single, attractive, and iconoclastic, she has worked for years to create her own signature line. As Victory struggles to keep her company afloat, she learns crucial lessons about what she really wants in a relationship.
Nico O'Neilly is the glamorous, brilliant editor of Bonfire Magazine--the pop-culture bible for fashion, show business, and politics. Considered one of the most powerful women in publishing, she seems to have it all. But in a mid-life crisis, she suddenly realizes this isn't enough.
Wendy Healy's chutzpah has propelled her to the very top of the cut-throat movie industry. When it becomes clear that a competitor is trying to oust her, something has to give--and Wendy must decide between her career and her marriage.
In Lipstick Jungle, Bushnell once again delivers an addictive page-turner of sex and scandal that will keep readers enthralled and guessing to the very last page.


This was another strongly crafted Bushnell tale starring powerful women who feel just like people I know.


If you've read anything by Bushnell, this won't feel much different stylistically, but the characters were fresh and exciting. The three of them are in different industries--fashion, editing, and movies--but manage to remain friends. Their relationship alone is fascinating, and seeing what they share and don't share and the impressions they try to give each other is entertaining.


The amount of feminism in this book rocked. I loved how typical male-female dynamics were reversed and how the characters were sometimes put into situations that didn't feel at all fair, but came as a result of how society views gender.


Though there wasn't anything particularly outstanding about this book, it was another strong book about New York City socialite life and the interplay between success and happiness.