Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many - Heather Wardell

The fiercely private Madeleine-Cora Spencer is the last person who should be on a reality TV show, but when she's shunned by a friend's new wife because "you can't trust desperate single women" her pain and humiliation drive her straight to the "Find Your Prince" dating show's web site.
Armed with date-appropriate clothes and a detailed game plan she arrives to meet her potential loves, only to be dumped... on a remote island with seven ex-boyfriends.
Seven exes! Could this be any worse?


While this was a cute, easy read, this felt very artificial and formulated at points. Though I enjoy the occasional reality romance show, this had me rolling my eyes quite often.


The premise of the reality show is that MC and seven of her ex-boyfriends are competing against an eighth ex, Kent, and seven of his ex-girlfriends for one million dollars that will be awarded in an unknown fashion. How the producers lured these people away from their careers and lives for 21 days seems illegal and manipulative, but I suspended my disbelief for the sake of the story.


I had trouble distinguishing a lot of the men from each other. While we were told how they acted and responded, Aaron was probably the only one who I could have recognised based on speech. Kent's seven exes, on the other hand, consisted of Summer and six other girls who were all robots.


The competitions themselves weren't very exciting to read about. I learned that monkey brains might taste like tofu, but I didn't feel repulsed by this. There was no tension as teams were racing head to head. I didn't get nervous for anyone.


Why MC dumped Kent to begin with makes no sense to me, to him, or to her friends, but it's obvious from the beginning that the producers think there's something left there. Needless to say, this story was predictable .


I found no reason to like MC. I found no reason to dislike her either, but I found her pretty boring. So she puts up walls and doesn't let people in easily. That describes half the heroines of romance novels out there. i don't see why this made her so intriguing or special.


Of course, at the end three couples had formed out of the group, the money was able to be split evenly without any lawsuits, and the producers got a dramatic television show.


This definitely killed time, but I won't be reading it again.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.