The Memory Game - Sharon Sant

Though predictable, this was a sweet story that tugged at my heartstrings.


The premise of this book is relatively simple, but captivated me. There were really only two big characters in this book with three or so playing secondary roles, and this was odd as most conversation took place between these two.


I enjoyed seeing David grow and gain perspective. It was intriguing seeing Bethany open up bit by bit, but she didn't feel very dynamic, and though I grew to care about her, I would have liked to have seen her fleshed out a little more.


There were comic moments that could have been expanded upon, but were definitely clever and enjoyable.


I wasn't particularly satisfied by the ending, but I'm not sure how I would have liked to have seen it end. It's fascinating to think whether or not David was even real or if he was a figment of Beth's imagination.


While I probably wouldn't purchase this, I'm glad I picked it up. A short read, it teared me up and was worth the time.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.