All the Butterflies in the World - Rodney Jones

This was a rather complex love story that spanned two centuries in a touching manner.


I really enjoyed the characterization that went on in this book. Small details about characters were brought back, such as Tess's best friend loving The White Stripes, and this really made me feel connected to the characters and invested in their ultimate fate.


The time period details were also extremely clever. When at the beginning John came to the modern days, I loved seeing the way he interacted with people and with all the new found technologies. Details such as the use of silver, horses, and costumes were all also relevant and interesting.


It was necessary to suspend my disbelief for some aspects of this book and to not overthink the time travel aspect as I believe there were some continuity errors, but these didn't detract from the book. I was also still extremely confused as to how the whole situation started, but now that I realize this was a sequel I understand where I went wrong.


This book was told in alternating chapters from Tess's and John's views. At some moments, this felt a little unnecessary. Tess was definitely the main character and some of John's chapters felt like filler.


I would have liked to have seen a little more before the end reflecting the ultimate decision that Tess and John made. I didn't feel that the Tess we were acquainted with really had strong enough feelings to justify the ultimate end. Despite this, I was overall very satisfied.


This book was a lovely read and can stand on its own without the prequel.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.