The Heiresses - Sara Shepard

Complex in a very simple manner, this book was a fun and easy-to-read piece of chick-lit-fic.


If you've read anything by Sara Shepard, you can probably guess if you'll enjoy this or not. The characters are adults, but still pretty, rich, and somewhat talented. Someone or something--in this case, the curse--is out to off them, and we get to read about them as they interact with a lot of pressure over their heads as they try and solve the mysteries.


What I found most disappointing about this book was how ultimately the mysteries were solved through other people telling the main characters what happened instead of them really figuring it out themselves. They come up with a lot of hypotheses, as typical of Shepard's characters, but I feel like this almost makes them more juvenile. It would be more fun if the answer to the mystery had been something we could have solved ourselves.


Despite this, I really enjoyed turning off my brain and reading this book. It's fun to imagine the scenarios they're going through and although I couldn't easily relate to many of the characters, I felt some of their relationships really strongly.


Though no characters particularly drew me in, I did enjoy reading this book and recommend it for a light read.