The Kiss - Lucy Courtenay

This was a really cute British book with fun characters and a fast-moving plot.


I loved the premise of this book--that Delilah had caught Aphrodite's kiss. The girls did research on the topic and had some fun examples of how it had been passed along through time. I loved the way the kiss operated and the manners in which they tried to control it. I loved the ending.


However, the premise was not all there was to this plot. From jobs to zombies to musicals, this book covered a lot of ground. Though it was a whirlwind, it was easy to follow and I was constantly curious as to what would happen next in these character's lives. I was surprised by the amount of bar-hopping that happened at sixteen, but it definitely moved the story on.


This book was just a ton of fun to read. Delilah is all over the place, and her woes with money mismanagement and struggling to feed herself, not wanting to ask her parents for help, resonated heavily with me. It did, however, feel a little juvenile at points and lacked substance.


I loved Delilah and Tabby as characters--they were great female leads and Delilah especially had a strong voice and a bubbling personality. Their antics were amusing and Delilah felt very real.


While there was nothing very substantial to this book, it had a sweet ending and fun characters and was worth the read.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.