Those Girls - Lauren Saft

Full of the high school drama, this book was delectable and full of drama.


The three central characters were each unique and provided interesting contrasts. I loved watching them interact with each other, reading first one character's actions and perspective and then seeing what the next thought of these actions.


The plot contained a lot of stereotypical events; however, I was roped in and I felt like there was suspense on every page. The tension between the characters meant that each scene had a purpose.


Alex was definitely my favourite character`as I related most to her; however, I thought that Mollie was a lot deeper than she seemed on initial impression. The third girl, Victoria, wasn't as interesting, yet she still held my attention and her emotions seemed very valid for the contexts.


Though the actions Alex and Mollie took were a little extreme, the author made them feel understandable. The ending was spectacular and I respected certain characters a lot for it, and thought it showed a great side of humanity.


The writing was very precise and easy to read. Though at times the voices of the characters felt very similar, their thoughts wer different enough that I could put the book down and pick it up without getting too confused.


This book was a lovely distraction from the real world and I enjoyed reading it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.