Neverland - Shari Arnold

While I did enjoy this book, it lost me midway and I struggled to get through it. I think it was well written and there were no obvious flaws; however, it just didn't envelop me, and I perpetually put off reading it for other books.


The parallels to Peter Pan became a little too stifling. Livy, Wendy. Meyer, Peter. Hale, Hook. This made the story almost too predictable at points, and while this definitely was nothing like Peter Pan and felt much older, I felt the similarities could have been more subtle.


The strongest aspect of this book was Livy's character and how she was dealing with the pain of having recently had her younger sister die. Her interactions with other characters felt extremely real, especially those with her best friend, and the actions she takes to try and save children similar to her sister are sweet and realistic.


Meyer was more intriguing as a character before he met Livy, when he was a mysterious person who kept showing up. For some reason, once they met and she was perpetually expecting him, he was a lot less surprising. I feel like I almost would have preferred the book if there hadn't been a romantic aspect to it (something one will rarely hear me say) because I enjoyed his Peter-ness and his aloofness.


There were some very magical scenes with a dreamy feel--Meyer takes Livy to play games with his friends and seeing her release her stress for once is magical. I especially enjoyed seeing him flying and Livy's reactions.


People with a longer attention span might really enjoy this, but if I hadn't received a copy of this in exchange for a review, I honestly would have left it forgotten.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.