Hooked - Michael Allen Wolf

The premise of this book did not disappoint. Shawn, a high functioning autistic, has had his heart set on finding the perfect girl and having a dream wedding for years, but struggles to make it through even one date. He begins unknowingly dating a prostitute, who is touched by the way he treats her after dozens of harsh clients.


Perhaps it was a little apparent that this had been a screenplay adapted into a novel, but I enjoyed the feel that this created. We didn't get a lot of insight into the characters' thoughts and motivations which was effective especially for Violet. However, we didn't get much backstory on characters, which could have added to the story. Amanda's role especially was confusing and I wasn't quite sure how things had ended for her.


The subtle humour thrown in, both through jokes in the vein of Shawn's grandfather and in Shawn's mannerisms and in the way he misses many social cues, was very effective in not only making me laugh but also in giving me a glimpse into how Shawn viewed society.


I was pleasantly surprised by how though this was relatively light-hearted the whole way through it also touched on deeper issues, specifically sexual trafficking and treatment of people on the autistic spectrum.


This is definitely a romcom of a book, and while it wasn't particularly sophisticated, it was worth reading.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.