These Are the Moments - Jenny Bravo

In a way, this book tells a bittersweet story that won't quite ever end. It'll keep you reading and intrigued until the final scene. Even adults could love this honest story.


This story was told through alternating chapters in the past and the present. While this took a little time to get involved in, it ended up feeling very effective and made the parallels very clear. This was an effective way to communicate the message of the story.


This felt like a real relationship and there were so many moments that really hurt me while it hurt Wendy and Simon. Bravo wrote very simply but conveyed the emotions in a very deep way. While this didn't follow the traditional model of literary romances, I enjoyed the way this book told an honest story.


It took me a few chapters to get into this book--we were thrown in with very little introduction to the main characters, so navigating through them in the past and the present was challenging. I didn't feel like I got a solid impression of Wendy's two best friends until halfway through the book. Vivian especially provided a very good foil for Wendy.


Wendy's relationship with her younger sister, Claudia, provided an engaging backdrop for the story. They had a big age gap, yet were going through similar experiences, and Wendy was expected to be a role model.


I'm frustrated with the ending, but I'll survive. I'd still reread this--multiple times. This was wholesome and fulfilling and I think anyone who's had a Simon/Wendy relationship will gain a little peace from reading this.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.