Faking Perfect - Rebecca Phillips

Though this book initially looked very chickflicklit, I was impressed by the depth Phillips portrayed and the way her characters were so carefully constructed.


Lexi, our main character, was exciting and real the whole way through, and I loved watching her grow through the events of the book. Her reaction to the events of the book were always fun to see and I anticipated her very real actions and her bold moves. I loved seeing her interact with her friends as well as with the three family figures she had.

Her motivations felt genuine and Phillips made her voice extraordinarily real.


Her relationships with Ben, Tyler, and Nolan respectively were each distinct and had an interesting dynamic and revealed a lot about Lexi. Watching Lexi realize who was important and unimportant to her was fascinating, as was seeing her thoughts and opinions change, often following instead of preceding her actions.


I loved that this book wasn't afraid to tack in some more taboo issues, such as teenage pregnancy. I enjoyed the two major settings, and the way that Lexi's high school was set up in a way that felt natural, instead of overly dramatic as some novels tend to do. Smaller characters with Grace, a girl Lexi babysits for, and Lexi's pet snake and its backstory, add a lot of depth to this book.


The concept of everything teetering precariously was very prominent throughout this book, and the tension remained at a level that made me eager to continue reading.

I finished this in an evening and found it well worth the time invested. It left me with a smile on my face, and will leave you with one too.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.