The Circle - Dave Eggers

This book is terrifying. Terrifying because of how close to home it hits, and how anyone you know could be Mae,


Circle is a digital identity platform that one can use to log into everything that verifies your real identity. This book could very well be our world in five or ten years. Everyone seems very good-willed yet there are some problems that mob majority could bring. This book is a well written tech dystopia that I think most members of today's society could relate very much to.


I especially loved the Three Wise Men and their dynamic. There was a very powerful image before the final scenes that had chills running down my spine. The final part of the book made me so terribly angry but in the best way possible.


Mae, too, was a great character--her self-confidence was at the perfect level to make all of her actions plausible, and her actions with Annie and Francis were extremely easy to relate to.


I definitely recommend this one, but it may haunt you.