Inherit the Stars - Tessa Elwood

If you're looking for something fast paced, this is a great book. However, I often got lost in my disbelief and was bogged down by details and lack of details.


This book is about what it seems. There are three houses ruling what's known of the universe. One seems to be very strong. Asa's house is running out of food, so her father decides to connect their family to the third to receive food in exchange for a new method of fuel and a strong alliance.


I feel like in Elwood's head, there is this beautifully fleshed out world. However, this didn't completely translate to the book itself. There was room for a lot more details. I wasn't ever able to completely visualise the worlds that Asa was living in. I wanted some backstory of the world and the three major houses and if they bore any relation to the world we live in. This book was also challenging to begin because Elwood took us almost too quickly in, and I found myself floundering and needing to reread the blurb to understand the premise.


Asa's voice is young and authentic. I adore the way she speaks--she actually feels sixteen. I'd have liked to see more of why she adored her older sister, Wren, so much, but her sweet devotion was inspiring and felt very real. Her and Eagle were cute, and again, felt their respective ages, which is something I really admire when found in YA relationships. Their emotions and insecurities were touching to read about.


I feel like the storyline was kind of patched together at points. The overarching problem of fuel and food doesn't quite seem like the biggest priority and while the subplots all relate back, it's hard to remember what the real issue is. It did move very fast and each chapter had a lot of action propelling the plot forward.


Overall, though this was a bit hard for me to get through, I think this book and series has a lot of potential, and if you get your hands on it I recommend reading it.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.