How I Wonder What You Are - Jane Lovering

This book was an exploration of love, figuring out one's true desires, and forgiveness.


The lights this book was titled for were a rather cute addition to this book and provided the means for the two to meet and communicate.


Phinn was my favourite aspect of this story. He was quirky and insecure, rather different from most male leads in this type of novel. I enjoyed getting to know him and the strange escapades he had. I also enjoyed hearing about Molly's love of horses; her passion really shone through and made her feel alive.


It took me until about halfway through for the characters to capture me and for me to want to continue reading this book. I felt like a lot of sections could be condensed, and I just wasn't gripped.


This was narrated strangely. Most of the book was written from Molly's first person point of view; however, we also got sections told in third person about Phinn that had all of his emotions and thoughts. I found this to be disorienting. This also made the book more predictable as we knew what both of the main characters were thinking, wanting, and striving for. There were some points that didn't quite make sense, like the pill in the later part of the book, and a lot of the characters' back story became confusing, but overall, this had an easy to follow plot.


I simply didn't enjoy the writing style. Molly, our main first-person character, seemed quite conscious of how she was narrating and at points even commented on her word choice. This kept pulling me out of the book and was distracting.


There's nothing bad about this book; however, it did take me a while to get into and I'd only recommend this is you're someone who enjoys a lot of character development and if you're someone easily gripped.


I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.