Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite - Suki Kim

This description of the author’s time in North Korea allows us to enter a world we know little about. While there are some details I want to know more about, she includes a lot of interesting small details. She talks enough about herself to want me knowing more but not to satisfy me.

I'm entirely fascinated by North Korea. It's a location very few people are lucky enough to enter, and I was extremely jealous of Suki. However, this book is hard to read as memoir. At times it feels like there’s either too much or not enough detail about the author herself. We hear a lot about her love life and how she feels lonely, but we don’t get specific details about how she had recently broken off an engagement or about how she got to know the person she’s rekindling a flame with. I'd want her to either cut all of her personal life out or make it relevant and work it in.is is a very real look at a lifestyle very few others can imagine. As it stands, this book is about Suki and about North Korea whereas it would be much easier to read if these details intertwined.

There are many details that lend this book a feeling of reality, small things like these are juicy, but these details are all that really keeps the book moving. Some details that are thrown in could be expanded more. I think it'd be more interesting to interview the author to really get a sense of what each reader individually would be interested in.