[ Crashland Williams, Sean ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2014 - Sean Williams

Thank goodness for technology--I finished Twinmaker and had Crashland on my kindle within five minutes. These books are addictive.

While I knew I had to read this, I was skeptical going into Crashland. I thought that Twinmaker could easily have been a stand alone book and been tied up quite simply. So often, trilogies geared towards young adults have very strong leads and very lucklaster sequels. However, Crashland kept me tense and on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

The world Williams has created is very complex. Though at times it can be difficult to understand, we're guided with relative ease through the various groups of people that emerge politically in this sequel. While it's not about politics at all, there's a small gleam that raises interesting points about governance and how society would work under one government.

Like Twinmaker, Crashland raises a lot of interesting philosophical questions. It builds on ones previously raised--just when we thought these moral dilemmas were complex, they get even more so.

Clair really grows as a character, as she observes herself. She doesn't change too drastically--she evolves in a logical progression. The characters in these books are very well developed, many of them having their own motives and staying unpredictable in a way that makes sense.

There really was no way to guess where this book would go--Crashland moves at a rapid pace and despite the complexities of the world it's set in, is definitely comprehensible, though at times the plot gets rather complex and various groups of people are hard to keep track of.

Twinmaker and Crashland are fantastic--but Crashland's cliffhanger is immense. I need Hollowgirl, and I need it now.