The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

This book is marvellous. It's so much more than a well-written romance.

This story follows two characters, both with interesting backgrounds that set them apart from typical romance characters and make us want to continue reading. In the first half, I was a little confused by small references and details; however, these were foreshadowing and ended up being really poignant despite my initial confusion. Booth story lines were believable and easy to read without seeming predictable. There's also a mysterious small child.

There are a lot of references towards English books about horses; however, it was easy enough to infer what these signified. Kate, who goes to work in a stable, lacks knowledge about horse things, which is actually great because it means as readers we can dive in with her and learn about the field as she did.

I got really emotionally invested in both characters really quickly and was completely captivated the rest of the way through. There is a twist at the end that makes this book mind-blowing and thought provocative and I was extremely impressed. I read the book purely based on the title, so I definitely wasn't expecting the twist.

I highly recommend this book. It's perfect for anyone looking for an easy read that will absorb them, but also perfect for people who like to think