Twinmaker - Sean Williams

Twinmaker drew me in as no book has in a very long time. I've read a lot of dystopian YA books, but very few have been as fast-paced as this one. Williams has created an absolutely fantastic world--it's very clear that every single detail has been hashed out in his mind. There's no time wasted with menial explanation of minor terms, but instead, we as readers pick up the terminology as we go.

Though initially the characters feel a little superficial, once the main conflict comes out, we're confronted with characters who are very three-dimensional. Clair, our main character, is faced with struggles that are given no obvious solution and is quite relatable. Though she's from a futuristic society that is quite dissimilar to ours, she's easy to relate to.

The world is about a hundred years from now, and as such, technology has vastly advanced, as has government. Despite this, the world fels realistic--we can see this happening in our society. We don't need to be computer geeks or tech whizzes to understand the way things are and how the world operates. Society is immensely different yet it still has the same basic fundamentals that mean we can easily put ourselves in the shoes of the characters.

And Twinmaker is far from just-another-one-of-those-dystopian-books. It raises moral and philosophical questions that seem to have no answer and have us thinking even when we're not reading.

However, I am a very frustrated reader right now, because I need the third book, and I need it now.