Someone Else's Love Letter - Deborah Blumenthal

Fixing your wardrobe is a dream job. Fixing your life is a work of art.

Sage Parker has the perfect occupation for a Manhattanite―she helps the rich and powerful keep their wardrobes current and suitable for every need. Her sense of fashion is impeccable, her connections are unsurpassed, and her eye misses not a single well-made stitch.

So when she discovers a love note left in the back of a cab, Sage admires the card stock and the ink, but also the heartfelt words. She sets out on a mission to find out who the love note was intended for―and who wrote it.

What Sage discovers will broaden her horizons and change her life, introducing her to an extraordinary woman who is revamping her entire world midway through life, a dashing Brit with a hive of secrets, and a free-spirited painter, whose brush captures the light in everything he paints, including Sage.

Fans of Isabel Wolff and Kathleen Tessaro will be hopelessly enchanted with Sage Parker and this mesmerizing, heartfelt novel of bold fashion and bolder choices.

Though the plot was a little more convoluted than I had expected, this was a fun and flirty rom com.


I'm not usually entertained by characters who have jobs like wardrobe designing; however, Sage really made this work and I almost felt inspired to go out and get a similar job. Sage made it so much about her clients' personalities and I loved seeing how they changed throughout the novel and how with her style advise she was able to shape their futures for the better.


The convoluted path following the letter brought forward mild hilarity with some unexpected results. Of course it was a challenge to track down the author of a love letter that just mysteriously happened to appear on the floor of a cab, but the book wasn't entirely about the chase.


The guy she's looking for is fantastically played, with a very stubborn personality that made me immediately like him. There were several scenes in which he won me over completely based on his total oblivion to what she was expecting, and I appreciated how he made his own decisions.


I definitely recommend this one for a quick and amusing read.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.