Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

This was the sixth in the Shopaholic series.


This saw the introduction of Minnie as a driving force of nature over an accessory. Becky's life really revolves around the two-year-old and it's quite fun to see Becky deal with this.


Becky's always been really generous, partially due to her shopping addiction. She loves buying things for herself, but she also loves buying things for other people. In an effort to stop spoiling Minnie, she decides to give her 'pocket money' and to allow her advances on said pocket money. Ohhh dear.


This book, while continuing to cause me perpetual anxiety over Becky's decisions, was a lot of fun to read. The final conclusion was absolutely hilarious, and I loved seeing how Luke continued to be very loyal and steadfast. This was the first book of the series that really left threads unresolved though, and in this regard was less of a standalone than the previous ones.