Go Away Home - Carol Bodensteiner

This novel was a gorgeous insight into life in the 1910s and into what home truly means.


Liddie was a spunky star who broke norms by working two jobs at one point, in sewing and in photography, both fields that she felt very passionate about. I absolutely adored her enthusiasm and willingness to break boundaries.


Letters inserted occasionally showed how she felt and how she communicated with her peers at the time. These details were intriguing as they showed how people a century ago shared information in such a different fashion through what she chose to put in and leave out.


Other characters did feel a little two-dimensional at points, but I think this was a result of the time period and how relationships operated in such a different fashion.


My favourite part about this book was in how parts just felt like reading about an absolutely ordinary lady living an ordinary life in the 10s, with fears about work, about love, about marriage and children, and all kinds of really simple things. In some ways, I could really relate to her feelings and emotions, but her circumstances and perspectives were at the same time entirely different.


I thought initially that the book could have ended about three-fourths of the way through after a major wedding. Events that followed showed why Bodensteiner chose to continue it, but the main adventure was over.


Liddie's perspective on home and what it meant to her changed gradually throughout the book and I feel like I really saw her grow up and grow into herself.


This book was slow at points and I wish it could have been paced a little more rapidly. However, it did what it did, creating a very accurate portrayal of 1910s life, very accurately and I'd definitely read more by Bodensteiner. I was very impressed with how real everything felt and how much detail was put in. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction or exploring other time periods.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.