Broken Lies (Broken, #1) - Claire Vale

Oh, this is a GOOD one. Yes, it is a zombie book, but it is an AWESOME zombie book! Definitely more dystopian/post-apocolypic than zombie. (Yes, I have a prejudice against zombie books.) I'm just angry that the next book isn't out now, because I need to read it.


Though it doesn't focus very heavily on the post-apocalypic/dystopian elements, the premise of this story is strong and easy to read into. It didn't get overly into these parts, which I really enjoyed--even someone who doesn't enjoy books other than regular fiction (or even someone who doesn't enjoy zombie books!) would enjoy this due to the strong characters, relationships they form, and exciting events.


The second half of the book lead up to something rather dramatic and very intriguing that means I have to read the second book and that means that if you read this book, you, too, will have to read the second book because you will have to know what happens. (And to make sure it doesn't become too Hunger Games.) Why is the second book out now? Where can I find it? Why will Google not tell me the name of it? Sigh; my life is a struggle.


But anyway. I loved this book because of the characters and the fast pace it took. The first part of the book was mostly exposition, but it was really interesting to learn about Lake, her society, and how they lived their lives. Problems were slowly slipped in and it was fun to pick up on these and see them come to fruition.


Lake was such a fun character. As she was someone who had basically just graduated from high school and was figuring out her career path, I think a lot of young adults (AND adult adults) could really relate to her in this regard. Seeing the person she was around her family and certain friends was interesting to watch and there were so many points where I felt her so hard.


This had a great amount of romance thrown in, and good romance, too. Not smutty, and not the type of perfect relationships that are beginning to take over YA. I was very satisfied with the realism portrayed in these and though I disagree with some of Lake's actions I'm deathly curious to find out where they'll go.


I'll definitely remember to keep my eyes out for the second book in this series. I'm very invested in the characters and curious to see where the plot takes them and how much more dystopian it becomes.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.