One Fifth Avenue - Candace Bushnell

Despite being chick-lit-fic, the sophisticated writing and thoroughly developed plot of this novel made it a delight to read.


Not a single character was ignored in Bushnell's well-crafted book. I loved how this followed the young, the old, the dying, the new, the hopeful...everyone in the city's high society played a part and none of their roles were ignored.


This is the finest glimpse possible into New York's highest society, albeit fictional. These are the people that we, alongside their fellow characters, love to love and love to hate. I'm not sure if this type of book makes me feel better about myself but it definitely brought me joy and happiness for the hours I was reading it.


The plot was very intricately woven. I didn't see the end coming until the end and when I did it was oh so marvellous and truly showed how though people come and go nothing ever really changes. I felt that each character had a suitable and, perhaps, satisfying end, even if I wasn't happy with it.


Cleverly interweaving several storylines into one easy-to-read narrative, Bushnell's voice is both witty and matter-of-fact. Her writing feels like a gossip magazine and like a trusted friend at the same time.


This delectable book was well worth my time, and I'll definitely look out for more of Bushnell's work when I need a good story.