The Major's Faux Fiancee - Erica Ridley

This historical romance was a lot of fun to read and I'll definitely keep an eye out for others in the series.


The premise is as promised and stars two very individual characters with a lot of tension between them. I adored how both Daphne and Bartholomew had characteristics that kept them from being bland old cliche protagonist. They were refreshing and made the plot feel new and enjoyable.


The voice switched sporadically back and forth between the two characters in a way that allowed the tension to grow and kept the plot moving quickly. Having this insight into both characters kept my emotions on edge through the book.


I also enjoyed the historical context--some historical romances overdo this, but I loved the touches the author used. Her terminology especially was fantastic as it had me using my dictionary often.


I wished we got a little bit more insight into Daphne's 'charity' work--she writes a lot of letters claiming to be random men, but I never quite understood what this was doing to aid her political efforts. I also had mixed emotions about the ending and the way Daphne's guardian acted; however, this didn't kill the happy butterflies I had from the rest of it.


While this didn't blow my mind, I really enjoyed reading this and highly recommend this book as a fun read.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.