Together Apart - Natalie Martin

This was a solid, touching book with a captivating relationship that I read fairly quickly.


The story was told mainly through Adam's perspective but with inserts of Sarah's diaries from both the present and the past, when Sarah was about fourteen years old. I wasn't too fond of this method as it made the jumps between time periods finnicky at points. I did enjoy Sarah's voice at 14--she felt very young and real, which was a riveting contrast between how she acted in the present.


The conflict in this story involves emotional walls and barriers and how these can influence a relationship. Though this is a concept that's done fairly often, this story felt fresh. The amount of detail that went into placing hints and clues as to the characters' histories was very clever and because of it I felt almost sleuth-like as I read alongside Adam.


Adam's character could have been a little more developed--I found him to be pretty unexceptional. However, he did have some moments where he was far from perfect which made his character more likeable. I enjoyed seeing his negative reactions and how he dealt with the scenarios he was placed in. His peer group felt like that of a real adult man too, and I especially enjoyed the subplot dynamic of two of his friends forming a relationship.


While this book wasn't outstanding, it kept me pleasantly amused and I'd look out for more from this author.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.