They Call Me Alexandra Gastone - T. Maclagan

This book was full of action and really interesting characters. Despite a slow beginning, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enveloped in the storyline Maclagan has crafted.

The first half of the book was really slow, but once I hit midway I had to keep reading.


Each character had a lot of subtle personality that I really enjoyed. Grant, Lex's boyfriend, was a prime example of someone with dimension. Instead of being the stereotypical jock, he was perceptive and had a talent for photography, something small that really added to the story. I also loved Martine and the contrast she provided between the two versions Lex portrays. The Mistress and other Perum characters each also had their own flair.


Alexandra was a really cool character and someone that would be fun to be friends with despite her multiple personalities. She had an interesting dynamic with her peers, including her classmates that elect her prom queen and with Martine, the friend she met at a video game store. I really enjoyed reading about her and wanted her to make the right decision--if there was such a decision to be made.


There's a twist at the end that I didn't find at all predictable but added a new layer to the novel.


Though there were some points where I thought that Lex could have been more authentic in playing her role if she'd taken a few of her past attributes, seeing the interplay between the Alexandra she really is and the one she thinks she's supposed to be was fascinating.


Though there are a few adult themes, this is something I can see pre-teens finding absorbing, and it's written well enough for adults to enjoy, too.


I'm not sure if there'll be a follow-up as this could stand very firmly on its own ground, but if there is I'm definitely going to read it. This is a solid debut, and I look forward to more by Maclagan.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.