The Corridor (The Corridor Series, Book 1) - A.N. Willis

Though this book had a strong idea driving it, I struggled a little getting through it.


The premise, that there are multiple other Earths existing at the same time, was really intriguing, especially as it seemed that they had all split off from one original one. I was fascinated by this and the interactions between them that could potentially take place, especially as there might be similar people on each Earth. However, the concept didn't really stand up to my expectations.


Stel's father concentrated so heavily on the science of how the Corridor worked that it was a kind of confusing contrast to see how Stel's powers had absolutely no explanation. Though she had supposedly had her DNA genetically modified, I didn't really understand how her power made any sense whatsoever. The book was really in the middle, explaining some things with a lot of detail and other things with no detail at all, and I would have been happy if there had been the same amount of detail to everything, but I was left curious about a lot of the way things in this world worked. There had also been a 'Pulse' that devastated part of the world that was left really ambiguous, and I really wanted to know more about the history of this world.


The plot of this book at some points felt very convenient and while there was a big overall conflict most of the other events felt very conveniently thrown into place. There was little downtime where nothing was happening, and I had a little trouble suspending disbelief about the succession of events.


I felt like the relationships between Stel and Cohl and between Stel and Ana also fell into this. I normally love these types of unexpected friendships but I've also read them in a lot of other novels and there wasn't anything special about these guys.

Though the premise is really fascinating, I found that the events and the characters were rather predictable and I likely won't continue the series.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.