The Consequence of Revenge - Rachel Van Dyken

Though I was excited for the premise of this book, the voice felt rather juvenile and there was no tension throughout this book to keep me reading. I loved Kiera Cass's Selection series and I have an odd intrigue with The Bachelor, but this fell short of my expectations.


The premise involved Max being sent to an island with 25 girls on a gameshow. Though I tried to suspend my disbelief, there were too many issues of plausibility with the gameshow and the way it was set up. Max's friends had so much involvement with picking the details of the show that it didn't feel at all real. If the producers really wanted a good show, there would be 25 attractive and intelligent girls, not one amazing girl, one 'normal girl' to show Max how amazing the first was, and 23 crazy girls/non-English speakers to deter him. The game ended early and there were few details on competitions other than those that involved Becca.


This was told in third person with Max having most of the chapters but a few being told by Becca. Max's voice was too overdone--if it had been a little toned down I might have enjoyed it, but the stream of conscious narration reminded me of the writing I did in middle school. Becca had a little bit of personality, but though I could relate to needing to pay for school and being driven to a career, there were some things that didn't line up. She wanted to go to graduate school and then be an elementary school teacher, when usually one would work for a few years at least as an elementary school teacher and then go to graduate schools. It wasn't explained when this story took place and how she was getting the time off school/work to participate in the game.


The first few chapters were told before the gameshow and were just...strange. I felt uncomfortable reading them and wasn't really sure what they added to the story. There was a backstory between Milo and Max that could have been intriguing but ended up only being confusing.


Becca didn't seem at all interested in a playboy without a career. By the end, Max was still just a playboy, though he gained a minor interest in investing. I don't understand what the effect of Rex's big 'reveal' at the end was. The ending itself had no tension at all and was really rather predictable.


Overall, I was disappointed by this book, despite being so excited for the premise.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.