Damage Done - Amanda Panitch

This book is about a teenage girl who's forming a new identity when a figment from her past comes back to supposedly haunt her.


I couldn't put this book down once I'd started, and ended up reading it through class because I had to know what would happen. Panitch did an incredible job with the voice of this story and with keeping tension high throughout the story.


Julia's realizations about love and the way she goes about exploring the manner of relationships and the way people feel are very poignant and well written. The two decisions she makes in the final chapter will have me thinking for a while about her values and priorities and how she was thinking in those moments.


I would have liked seeing Julia's relationship with Michael built up a little more as it felt like they dove in but had no real reason for the depth of emotion they had. However, Julia and Alane's relationship felt very real


I enjoyed the way the book was set up, with Julia being a first person narrator but with reports from a psychologist interspersed between her chapters. This added an outside perspective that was quite honest, and even though he didn't get much space, I felt like I understood his motives quite well.


I loved the details Julia gave throughout the novel that sparked little bells in me head and had me wondering. The air of uncertainty was palpable. Details that she'd learned, too, such as her thoughts about lies, came back later to be haunting. I was impressed with the manner of writing and the way each thread became part of the bigger picture.


Though I was able to predict the ending of the book pretty early on, this still had me tense and at the edge of my seat, and I recommend it.


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.