Once and Again: A Return to Briarwood Novel - Elisabeth Barrett

I finished this book with a sweet, satisfied sigh.


This was a really strong romance that had a lot of other aspects to it. The characters were interesting and relatively dynamic and it was fun seeing them overcome their challenges. There was a slight social commentary and a lot of growth.


Carolyn was a unique character, having recently fallen from a stereotypical rich girl to be working class, struggling to pay to feed herself. She'd already started growing by the time the book started. Her strength and resolve was admirable, and she and Jane were both characters to be admired for continuing to work hard.


I really enjoyed the family dynamic that played through this book. Both Carolyn and Jake had some concerns with their families, especially their fathers, and seeing both go through these experiences was a fantastic contrast. Jane and her mom also had some issues that were poignantly resolved. I'd have liked to heard more about Carolyn's sisters.


Carolyn also developed strong friendships with Jane and Grace throughout the book. It was a little distracting that Jane had her own chapters, but while they didn't add anything to the story, they weren't distracting.


Characters were encouraged to take risks and it was easy to understand why some of the decisions they had to make were challenging, even though not all of these decisions were some I could personally relate to.


Things were a little too easily resolved at the end; however, this was still well done, plausible, and left me happy. I highly recommend this book for an easy read that also has some depth to it.