My Name Is Memory - Ann Brashares

I devour young adult books. Very few of them keep me thinking long after I finish them. Very few give me insight into life and have me pondering deep questions. My Name Is Memory had me crying public (let's not talk about the ending) and stunned for days.

This book has a pretty complicated concept that Brashares pulls off completely. Though the idea of certain souls having memories is complex, Daniel's character explained this simply enough that I was never pulled out of the story to question how the world of the book worked. We get to understand how life in this world works as Lucy goes through her life.

Brashares's characters have very real voices. There's not as much development of relationship between the two main characters as I'd have liked; however, the way their bond is portrayed is very realistic and reminds one what it's like to be irrationally in love.

This is an easy read, perfect for the beach or a plane ride, but the characters will get under your skin and have you thinking long after the last page