Stranger Child - Rachel Abbott

This book was gripping and compelling all the way through, despite a few instances of clunky writing and unnecessary detail. The concept of this plot is novel and though it's completely set in our world, at times it feels fantastical. Tasha is very well fleshed out, a character that’s both haunting and compelling.

The voice throughout the story was very strong. We mainly get Ted and Emma's perspectives, but also some of Tasha's and David's. Each adds a little to the story without being distracting, though the importance of some details isn't apparent until the end.

Abbott kept a great amount of tension throughout. Natasha is a really creepy character, and I feel like every time someone takes their eyes off her she’ll have run away. She causes a great amount of conflict in what could have been a happy family. Tasha feels like a ghost at times. The timing and manner of her appearance make her feel like a ghost, especially alongside other events. She's extremely mysterious and the way she doesn’t talk for the longest time is also haunting. When she does, she’s extremely sassy, which makes her lovable, though we can also see her hurting. Her age is perfect for the story, and the way that other characters--especially Emma--treat her feels very real. From the beginning I care about what happens to her and if she’s okay. Her motives are completely unclear.

Though there were a few minor details that were distracting such as all the nicknames making characters hard to follow, on the whole, this is an intriguing book and kept me entertained.