License to Date - Susan Hatler

This was a really cute story that was easy to read and generally optimistic. It delivers just what it promises to. I read it in a night and was easily engaged.

Kaitlin is a very relatable character and I slipped into her story easily. Her ex-fiance had cheated on her, causing her to become very cynical about men and relationships. She's stubborn and very content with her own life, as shown by her desire to make her house beautiful. I enjoyed her strength and independence.

This was well-written; though there was nothing absolutely phenomenal, there were some scenes that had me feeling all the emotions that our characters were feeling, and others that had a lot of tension and excitement. The story also concentrated on the general emotions instead of getting X-rated, which is hard to find nowdays.

There's a small subplot about familial relations and standing up for oneself. I had guessed the one sort of 'surprise' by Kaitlin's second date, but this made her interactions with Paul even more fun.

Overall this is a simple romance that did just what it promised to do--entertained and distracted from the real world for a while.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.